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NC Legislative Breakfast on Behavioral Health

This month our associates attended the 42nd Legislative breakfast on Mental Health in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. What was discussed at the Legislative Breakfast on Mental Health With over 400 individuals registered for the event, the breakfast gave the opportunity to hear from NC DHHS officials and NC General Assembly Members. The event speakers highlighted […]

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Medicaid Managed Care Training

On January 16th, our Vice President of Healthcare Policy, Tara Larson, teamed up with the North Carolina Senior Living Association (NCSLA) to offer Medicaid Managed Care training to providers throughout the state. The presentation was entitled “Reading the Crystal Ball for Medicaid Transformation in North Carolina” and focused on preparing Senior Living providers for the […]

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How Medicaid Managed Care Impacts Providers

Tara Larson and Gary Massey, of Cansler Collaborative Resources, Inc., joined Kathy Nichols from the NC Division of Mental Health, and Jason Vogler, PhD, the Senior Director of NC DMH/DD/SU, at the Addiction Professionals of North Carolina Conference on Thursday, April 19. The panel discussed “How Medicaid Managed Care Impacts Providers.”  They focused on proposed […]

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Melanie Bush joins esteemed NC Healthcare peers and professionals at the Spring Policy Forum, hosted by the NC Council for Community Programs. We are in the midst of a shift in thinking about how to maximize our existing resources to improve community well being.  In this session, Melanie and her colleagues will discuss how the […]