Healthcare and Human Services have become more challenging. Monumental changes make it necessary to rethink how services are delivered. Every part of an organization is impacted. Historic roles and delivery models are being tossed aside as the demand for whole person care and support increases, and value-based purchasing evolves. Whether you are a provider, a managing entity, or an infrastructure organization – all health care, housing, education, child welfare, nutrition, income and community support programs must rethink roles and delivery of services.

  • Program Design

    The key pillars to program design are population need, stakeholder engagement, and defining of specific and measurable outcomes. CCR is ready to assist you in developing a logic model to meet your goals. We provide the structure and project management needed to ensure that your design process is well-coordinated, complete, and successful.


  • Program Management and Evaluation

    Optimal management and evaluation require time and resources. Programs that fail don’t usually fail because of the people or the idea, it is the execution that leaves people asking, “What happened?” Whether it’s managing timelines and assignments, writing service definitions, cost modeling, creating, or analyzing strategy, business or workflows, or  assessing information technology (IT) needs, we can assist. Putting energy into analyzing your capacity and capability to execute with precision regardless of the task increases your likelihood to cross the finish line successfully.

  • Communication and Business Development

    Who needs to know, what do they need to know, and when and how should it happen? Effective communications are a part of the foundation for success. Having an efficient communication and business development plan will open the door to understanding and building successful relationships with those you serve, those with whom you work, and those who pay you to provide services. CCR Consulting offers the insight and knowledge to guide you.

  • Policy and Advocacy

    Whether it’s departmental or governmental policies, federal or state legislation, audits or performance agreements, or new research or grant opportunities, CCR provides insight and guidance on these changes, their overall impact, and how to prepare for what’s coming.

  • Strategic and Business Plans

    Should we upsize, downsize or right size? Can we build, buy, or outsource? Are there partnerships to form, mergers or buyouts to consider? How do we prepare for the future? These aren’t questions for someone else, they are questions for everyone: governmental, private, and support organizations. Whether you are updating or creating a business plan of action or deciding how you support health and human services agencies, CCR Consulting can support these daunting tasks.

  • People Planning

    Looking for guidance and consultation as you hire leadership staff? CCR will help identify your specific needs and the qualities best suited to your organization. By investing in a thorough hiring process, you increase the probability of attracting talented professionals who will be long-term assets. Supervision, mentoring, and coaching are key retention strategies.

  • Grant and Proposal Writing

    Analyzing grant opportunities, RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs require detailed and specific assessment. CCR can provide support, feedback, and expert guidance as you develop your proposal. We can help you manage weaknesses and ensure you are best positioned as a viable competitor.


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