Impacting Change

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion for all people, and stand with those working to eradicate injustices. We have a responsibility, both as individuals and as a company, to address behaviors and attitudes that harm and dehumanize others. We pledge to work toward dismantling structural racism, ableism, and other systemic inequities.  We commit to identifying ways to accelerate solutions for racial, social, and economic injustice and that starts with examining our own workplace culture. We are committed to a workplace where:

  • All people are welcome
  • People are relational not transactional, both personally and professionally
  • People are valued for their varying perspectives, ideas, experiences, strengths, and passions
  • Workplace rules are minimal; privileges and scheduling flexibility are the norm
  • Personal time is encouraged, valued, and respected

Climate Change

CCR Consulting strives to adopt business practices that are good for the planet.  By reducing practices that increase climate risk, CCR Consulting is working to mitigate negative impacts and support generations to come, which is at the heart of our work in the health and human services arena.  CCR Consulting is adapting and thriving by:

  • Conducting meetings virtually whenever possible
  • Reducing use of printed materials
  • 100% of our staff work from home
  • Reducing our corporate office footprint by downsizing our offices.  We have joined a business community who share common spaces and prioritize the use of LED lighting and timed air systems.

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To plan for tomorrow.

To transform older methods to meet future challenges.

To realize true potential.

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