Dementia Alliance of NC receives a $2000 donation from CCR Consulting

CCR Consulting honors Founder Lanier Cansler with a surprise award to Dementia Alliance.  “It was perfectly fitting to do so,” said Sherry Bradsher and Tara Larson, Managing Principals, as they presented him with the award.  Lanier’s commitment and volunteerism with Dementia Alliance are profound.  “He has many passions but this just felt right for the team and what we intended to express to our fearless leader.” 

As one of their Paving the Way campaign champions,  Lanier embodies what it means to be a supporter, constantly and consistently seeking to educate others about the impact of dementia not only on the individual themselves but on families and caregivers. 

Lanier has served on the Dementia Alliance Board of Directors for eight years, serving as Board Chairman from 2017- 2020, and Board Treasurer since 2021.