Tara Larson to Speak at Benchmark’s David vs. Goliath: What Smaller Providers Need to Know.

Tara Larson

Tara LarsonTara Larson, Senior Healthcare Policy Specialist with Cansler Collaborative Resources, will be joining nonprofit organization, Benchmarks, at their upcoming David vs. Goliath event to talk about what every provider needs to know, how to prepare and deliver your services successfully, among other topics, drawing on her many years of experience and involvement with NC’s Medicaid system. Tara is an outstanding and very knowledgeable speaker, often facing standing room only audiences eager to hear her candid, earnest presentation on the state of things.  She has been in your shoes and is able to see the Medicaid environment through many lenses.  If you have not had the opportunity to hear Tara speak, you are in for a refreshing experience!  Learn more and register for the event