Cherokee Middle School Integrated Classroom

news_integratedclassroomCherokee Central Schools and the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority have collaborated to provide a new service to meet the needs of Cherokee children and families beginning February 29th. This Integrated Classroom will help Middle School students that struggle, because of a variety of reasons, to find success in the regular classroom setting. Families with Middle School children will no longer need to travel to other school districts to obtain these specialized services. Pictured from left to right are: Cance Carnes – Cherokee Middle school Principal, Doug Trantham – CIHA Behavioral Health Clinical Director, Kelsey Owle – School Counselor, Beth Nelson – Cansler Collaborative Resources, Ralph Wright Murphy – Analenisgi Child Services Manager, Jennifer Hunt – CCS Teacher, Stephanie Debruhl – Therapist, Sarah Cable – CIHA Classroom Team Leader, Bill Lockman – SPED, Greta Metcalf – Jackson Psychological Services