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Cansler Collaborative Resources, Inc. is a boutique firm of consultants serving NC and other states along the east coast with a unique blend of experience, backgrounds, and perspectives. It’s not just who we are but how we work that allows us to bring a tailored approach to our work that is always focused on our client’s success. Sometimes the needs are simple and straightforward and other times, the needs are complex and require significant planning and a variety of skills. Your work, your goal, and your needs become ours. Together we can make it happen!

  • Healthcare and Human Services- it’s who we are.

    Being a provider in the world of Healthcare and Human Services has become more challenging as monumental changes make it necessary to rethink how services are delivered. Every part of the organization is impacted. Historic roles and delivery models are being tossed aside as the demand for whole person care and support increases, and value-based purchasing evolves. Whether you are a provider, a managing entity, or an infrastructure organization, all health care, housing, education, child welfare, nutrition, income and community support programs must rethink their roles and delivery of services.

  • Program Design, Management, and Evaluation

    Optimal design, management, and evaluation require time and resources. Programs that fail don’t usually fail because of the people or the idea, it is the execution that leaves people asking, “What happened?” Whether it’s managing timelines and assignments, writing service or program definitions, completing cost modeling, analyzing business or workflows, or assessing information technology (IT) needs, reviewing the capacity and capability to execute with precision means you are half way to the finish line. CCR can get you across the finish line.

  • Communication and Business Development

    Who needs to know, what do they need to know, and when and how should it happen? Effective communications are a part of the foundation for success. Having an efficient communication and business development plan will open the door to understanding and building successful relationships with those you serve, those with whom you work, and those who pay you to provide services. The CCR experience offers the insight and knowledge to guide you.

  • Strategy and Advocacy

    Should we upsize, downsize or right size, build or buy, these are questions that agencies today must face in most areas of operations. Are there partnerships to form, mergers or buyouts to consider? How do we prepare for the future? This isn’t just conversation for someone else, it’s conversation for everyone: governmental, private, and support organizations. CCR tracks and analyzes what’s happening across all sectors of health and human services. Whether its departmental or governmental policies, federal or state legislation, audits or performance agreements, or new research or grant opportunities, CCR will keep you up to speed on what’s happening and how it may impact you -and help you determine what you can do to prepare for what’s coming.

  • Strategic and Business Plans

    Whether you are updating or creating a business plan of action for your company, or deciding how you support health and human service agencies these can be daunting tasks, especially when there is no one to do the work. Using the knowledgeable CCR consulting team to lead the effort can save you time and money.

  • Executive Team and C-Suite Recruitment and Hiring

    CCR can provide guidance and consultation as you hire new executive staff. We will help identify your specific needs and the qualities best suited to those needs in a highly qualified candidate. We use a well-designed search and vetting process to assist you: candidate screening, interview selection, interview instructions, evaluation of candidates, reference checking, offer and negotiation, on-boarding, new work plan, and evaluation. By investing in a thorough and detailed hiring process, you can increase the probability of recruiting a talented professional who will be a long-term asset to your organization.

  • Requests For Proposal

    We can provide insight on RFP requirements and assist in the development and implementation of a strategic communications and action plan regarding procurement and content of RFP development. We will provide technical assistance in assuring that the response to the RFP, as well as current operations, demonstrate an understanding of the vision of the Medicaid Transformation in North Carolina, and review the response and provide feedback prior to submission to DHHS.

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